#169 Travel smart

Apart from being a professional patient, I also happen to be a chronic traveller. Even though I broke my back in a bus accident in South East Asia at age 21, I still want to travel the world. Tomorrow I'm driving from my family's farm in the Swedish forests, getting on a plane from Gothenburg and flying to Amsterdam, where I will have breakfast with my good friend Hilde. After a 6 hour stopover in Holland I'm continuing to New York City, where I'll be staying with my stepbrother and his fiance, yay!!! I'm spending 6 weeks in the States this summer, planning to link up with lots of wonderful people and learn more about recent developments in chronic pain treatment!

Travelling with chronic pain can be very challenging, but with good planning and the right equipment it works fine. I bring a tempurpedic travel mattress, several pain medications and balms, my iPod and noise reducing headphones with relaxation tapes, a yantra mat and a good supply of dark chocolate.

I know I can get up and move around during the flight, I'm starting my day with a cold shower to increase dopamine levels and planning on smiling and laughing a lot to keep endorphins flowing.

Wish me luck :)

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