#151 Say goodbye

I often spend a lot of time thinking about what I have to do, what I must do and what I should do... It really places a lot of stress on every day when I define my activities that way, that's why I propose saying farewell to should, must and have to and replacing them with:

want to

So instead of saying "I have to sort those papers today" I can say to myself; "I can sort those papers today...""

I promise you, it feels waaaaay better to talk about it that way!

Then "I have to talk to my doctor" becomes "I need to talk to my doctor" or "I want to talk to my doctor". "I must write my cousin" becomes... "I want to write my cousin"

What does this do? Well it's part of an empowerment process... it changes my status from being a victim of circumstance to being an active agent choosing my focus.

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