#176 Keep yourself in the dark

Literally speaking of course, not metaphorically... Metaphorically we should all be reveling in the untamed sunlight of the spirit etc etc... but you know. Maybe just not today.

Still suffering only slightly from jet lag, I am a chronic pain blogger on a mission to spread sleep awareness this week. And as a Scandinavian used to living close to the realm of the midnight sun, I know this piece of advice to be absolutely true:

Keep yourself in the dark.

Light bouncing off your retina affects release of serotonin and melatonin, the most important hormones for regulating sleep. That's why it's important to stay in a dimly lit environment the last couple of hours before you go to bed, and to keep your bedroom dark all through the night. If this for reason of latitude or otherwise (like a partner who likes to keep the light on) may I suggest you get something like this Cat Nap Sleep mask...

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