#161 Information detox

Apparently Information Detox is the new trend. In this wonderful Information Age, where we are constantly bombarded with information through a myriad of digital and analog channels of communication many people get overwhelmed by "information overload".

Sometimes when I've been mining in my caves of digitally accessible knowledge and working intensely on several simultaneous projects I can literally feel my mind heat up. While I'm blogging and researching on 10 different international sites, I get so excited with all the new information I'm tapping into... I'm reading and taking notes while people are calling and texting on both of my cell phones AND the landline (why do I still have a landline anyway?). I'm online and active on three social web forums simultaneously and answering an email, while someone is dialling my Skype... Then if the doorbell rings and someone is actually approaching me in real time - real life, it almost feels a bit surreal.

What does this intense flow of information do to my nervous system, I wonder... and how does it affect my pain levels?
Maybe I should try switching off the phones more often, and being offline for extended periods of time each day?

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