#162 Hermitage

Following yesterday's post on information detoxing... I'm staying with Dad and Ros over the weekend and by some chance miracle, their phone and internet connection has been switched off by a befuddled phone engineer. So I had a chance to instantly try out my new idea! I'm offline 24 hours a day for three days!!! Of course the detox hit me pretty bad, and after listening to my whining for 36 hours, Ros was sweet enough to drive me to her friend Linda's house where there is still functioning ADSL...

It's really funny, because last week I read about people paying thousands of dollars to go on an "information fast" for two days. Now I get to do it for free!
It's supposed to be like going to a hermitage...You go to stay in a small hut in the middle of the forest with no electricity, no access to phones, TV, internet or any other information. And apparently you just sit there... detoxing your brain, fasting from information... and it makes you feel all peaceful and serene... :&

Maybe it's a good way to start linking up to your unconscious mind, and enables you to listen to your body...?

I wasn't really planning on TRYING this myself... right now... but apparently that's what I'm doing, whether I like it or not. Two more days of no internet or working phones... woooooow... See you all on tuesday :)

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