#167 Have a contact list

How many different treatments have you tried for your condition? Are there several practitioners in your healing team? When I was a "good patient", I had a General Practitioner, a rheumatologist, an orthopedic surgeon, two neurosurgeons, a neurologist, a specialist in post surgical rehabilitation, two physiotherapists, an ergotherapist, a masseur, a chiropractor, an acupuncturist, a psychologist, a pharmacist and counsellor all on my immediate contact list. It really was a full time job being a patient.

After I'd been a professional patient for a few years I realized that every time I met a new health practitioner and had to tell them my story, that was a huge investment in time, energy and money. Some of my practitioners I only saw for a few months, some followed me for years and are with me still. But I realized it was important to keep track of everyone that was part of my treatment. So I started writing a contact list. There I wrote down all the health care practitioners who were involved in my treatment.

Today this list is invaluable. Even though I rarely need treatment anymore, these professionals are still active. I know I can go see them if I need help, they know my health story, they've seen my x-rays and test results. I don't have to tell them everything all over, which is a great relief.

Do you have a contact list for your treatment and for your healing team?

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