#156 Set SMART goals

This tool is used in marketing and in project management. I think it works great for "project healing" too. Setting S.M.A.R.T. goals is inspiring, and being able to track your progress towards them may really help you on your healing journey.

A few years ago I had the goal of walking 10 kilometers. At that point I was in a wheelchair or horizontal most of the time. I said "By the 1 of October I want to be able to walk 10 kilometers", and I made an exercise plan that ensured that I could gradually build strength and stamina so that I could reach my goal by the set date. I didn't manage to stick to the plan all the time, and I don't remember exactly when I managed to walk 10 kilometers, but setting the goal made it possible for me to do so.

Today I use SMART goal setting for staying in shape and taking care of my health, as well as for making progress in my personal projects. The technique works by focusing on what you want, and formulating your goal according to these criteria:
  • S = Specific
    • What exactly do you want? 
  • M = Measurable
    •  Set a number on you goal, how much / how many?
  • A = Attractive
    •  Let the goal be something you really want, something that inspires you...
  • R = Realistic
    •  ...but is still realistic
  • T = Timebound
    •  Set a deadline for when you want to have reached the goal
And then get to work using timeboxes, the action circle and the rule of NOW.

(PS there are several similar variants of the acronym, I prefer "attractive" to "attainable")

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