#168 Network

The first time I heard about the theory "six degrees of separation" I thought it was fascinating, but unrealistic. Later I learned that it was a key to sucess.

I've found out that if I know someone who knows someone, chances are they know someone too, and by using my contacts I may be able to fix anything from a live moose (Einar's father who works on a moose farm), book a concert with Depeche Mode (Jonte booked them for Arvika last year), get a private consultation with an international judge (my moms neighbour) and anything in between.

When the norwegian doctors and neurosurgeons had given up on me after 2 failed spinal surgeries, it was a young girl in my study group who turned out to be the greatest help. She saw that I had to lie down most of the time through our course and knew that I had a lot of pain. One day she told me that her father was an orthopedic surgeon, and asked if I wanted to meet him. I don't know what made me say yes, cause most of the time I was beyond hope, but ... I did. One thing led to another, and as it turned out, her father knew a neurosurgeon in Sweden who knew of a specialized type of surgery that actually cured my back.

Today I never know who knows who and what might lead me where, but I know that networking will always be a great tool to get anything done. I may meet a person waiting in line at the doctor's office who turns out to be the link to my next book. Or something else.

And I have no way of explaining this, but I've found that when there is a high degree of synchronicity - seemingly random but meaningful events, I'm usually just about to meet someone that turns out to be very important...

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