#155 New rules - NOW rules

I often have a whole mountain of "to do's" stacked up in my mind. When I have bad pain periods I don't get anything done at all, so the mountain just grows and becomes a real stress factor. Living with chronic pain causes me more than enough stress already, and anything that aggravates stress is both a threat to my peace of mind and my physical health.

So here's a great tool I've learned while working with the creative project managers at Galaxen, We call it "The Rule of NOW".

Whatever you can do 
that takes less than ten minutes 
and brings you closer to your goal
do it NOW

So after listing all those little things that are stressing me, I take hold of the first things I see that are simple to fix and take less than ten minutes and just do them. Make that phone call, send that email, order that appointment, schedule that meeting. There. Done. I feel better about myself, and can use more of my focus on taking care of my body, resting and healing.

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