#165 Choose Action over Reaction

Have you ever heard about "Reaction Man"? Or do you know any "Reaction heroes"?


But we know plenty of action heroes, from popular films and television series. They are people with extraordinary skills, people who make things happen and fight for what's right. They are able to change any situation for the better and save a bunch of lives in the process.

When I'm not making sure that I'm using the "Action Circle", I tend to get caught in the "reaction" circle myself... It goes something like this:

1: Something happens - maybe a doctor saying something like "You look healthy", when I'm feeling like shit
2: I interpret what he says in a hurtful way - "He doesn't understand, he thinks I'm faking"
3: I get hurt and feel I need to protect myself
4: I react by either switching off, acting resentful, or by spending a lot of time trying to explain how awful I feel. Then I go home and ponder what happened, feel hurt, misunderstood and beat myself up about it for a week afterwards

I want to learn how to stay neutral in situation like that, so that I'm able to correctly decipher the situation before I get drawn into that negative spiral. Then choose to ACT instead of just reacting automatically, maybe by asking a question that may clarify the doctors intention and meaning. Like for example "When you say I look healthy, do you mean that you don't believe in my symptoms, or are you giving me a compliment?"

Just doing that right away might spare me from a whole lot of negativity.

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