#152 Make big decisions...

... from the neck down

This is part of learning to listen to your body, which I think is a key element in learning to live with and overcome chronic disease and especially chronic pain.

Dealing with severe health problems we often face a lot of big decisions, decisions our brains (with their limited understanding and complex reasoning) have a tendency to over-complicate.
That's why I say:

Make big decisions from the neck down!

If you're in that sticky situation where you need to make a big decision, you've weighed the pro's and con's, talked to your loved ones and done your research.... why not shut off your mind and listen to what your body has to say about the matter?

You might be surprised at what sensations and feelings course through your body once you start doing this, and trust the answers you find. Test it on small issues first, like whether to go to that dinner or try that new holistic practitioner. How does your body feel when you think "Yes, I'll do it" ? Do you get a happy tingly joyful feeling or a dark pit in your stomach?

Maybe, in some cases, your body knows better than your brain?

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