#163 Change your emotional state

This is a tool I learned at NLP practitioner training with Marcus & Stefan at Universe Imagine. They talked about how the body and mind are connected, and how the state of the mind affects the way we use our body and vice versa. YES! Vice versa, that's really interesting!

I mean, we all know what it looks like when someone is feeling bad, or feeling uncertain. After all, body language is said to be 57% of all communication... and I actually think that showing how you feel is really important for promoting health. But it's just as easy to see when someone is feeling great! They're strutting with energy and grinning widely, their eyes are sparkly and they gesticulate a lot.

So what Stefan & Marcus said, is that when you change the way you use your body, your state of mind changes too. Just like the buddhist monks who smile, to feel serene (it releases endorphins)! You can move your body in the same way you would if your were really really happy, and your brain will produce a lot of "feel-good" chemicals, and woah, watch this... what happens is you start feeling better!

It's like acting. You're putting on a show to trick yourself out of a grouchy mood...

I mean, this doesn't actually remove whatever problems you're facing, it just makes it a lot easier to deal with them. And as I wrote about in the post about "sex and pain", endorphins are up to 500 times more potent painkillers than morphine, so whatever increases your endorphin production is gonna help your pain levels.

PS: Yup, I'm back from my involuntary information-hermitage now, and yes, it was really relaxing and very refreshing! :)

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