#111 Show how you feel

It's never too late to get real and be honest. If you feel happy and want to share it, you don't need any excuses to do so (like happy turban Tuesday from Natalie Dee...) so why should it be any different when you're feeling low?

"I'm hurting, I'm tired and I need help". How often haven't we needed to say those words, but not been able to actually say them?

Researchers say that as much as 57% of our communication is transmitted through body language, and further 36% is voice volume and tonality ... that means only 7% of your communication is through the actual words you say.

So showing how you feel is a good way of ensuring better communication. Be aware that your whole body is communicating all the time, and unfortunately this fact can be crucial when you have a doctor's appointment. Is your body language matching what you are saying, or are you putting on a brave facade for both yourself and your doc? If so why? Who are you trying to help by not letting your feelings show?

If necessary remember that a little everyday craziness can go along way.

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