#92 Hang in there

Many people suffering from back pain find relief in traction therapy, or inversion therapy. Inversion therapy, for example on an inversion table, means you hang upside down, relieving pressure on the spine and diminishing the effect of gravity. Though only a temporary relief, if used regularly it can reduce your pain levels significantly, especially if you suffer from sciatica, pinched nerves and compressed or herniated discs.

There's a simple way of finding out if spinal traction works for you: while lying down, have someone pull your legs gently, or while standing have someone standing with their arms around you from behind, lifting slightly and stretching you gently from the waist. If this feels at all relieving for your back pain, you will probably benefit from other kinds of spinal traction or inversion therapy.

Be careful and consult your doctor before attempting complete "upside down" inversion therapy, it is not right for everyone and can be dangerous if you have a heart condition.

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