#104 Gardening

Finally!!! It's springtime even here in the Swedish forests :D As I came back from my Easter holiday in Morocco this weekend, I was surprised to find that all the huge mounds of snow outside my house had melted... so fast!! the grass is still flat and yellow, having been crushed below a whole meter of snow and enduring the coldest winter we've had in many years.

On Sunday I went out to my friend Dina's house and we did some very gentle spring cleaning in her garden, cutting back the lilacs and thinning the raspberry bushes. Being outside in the spring sunshine for a few hours, doing meaningful work which will bring so much joy in the months to come (think of all those home grown raspberries!!!) is an excellent way of staying active and keeping my mind off health related issues. I don't have my own garden and I'm not overly ambitious, but this weekend I may visit the garden center and buy some flowers to plant in pots and tubs on my balcony...

And as added benefits you get to soak up the sunlight, get more Vitamin D (which has been shown to reduce many types of muscle and joint pain) and look at something beautiful:)

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