#75 Start taking Vitamin D

If you suffer from chronic pain, you may have a Vitamin D deficiency. Simply getting enough Vitamin D through sunlight exposure, diet or dietary supplements, may relieve your pain a great deal.

None of my doctors ever told me about this... maybe it's because the science is quite recent? Another reason to see a pain specialist maybe...

Mayo Clinic researchers reported their findings from clinical research linking chronic pain to vitamin D deficiency in March 2009. This Medscape article cites scientific research that concludes that inadequate Vitamin D may even create or sustain pain.

According to the patient brochure from pain topics.org, patients suffering from migraines, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, myalgia, diabetic neuropathy, chronic fatigue syndrome, seasonal affective disorder (SAD) can potentially benefit a great deal from Vitamin D treatment. Read more about this here.


  1. curious how much d do you take I take 3000... I have a friend that does 5000...My Dr. says 2000 is what she recommends...
    any one else.. D is great for auto immune..

    thanks Tessa

  2. I only take 1000, but then, I haven't had much effect of that yet, so maybe I should try upping the dose?

  3. i took vitamin d once as my rhum. doc had me try it it was great but made me a little tired but my insurance will not pay for it and for three pil;s it is 13.00 he had me take them every other day for three days i am frustrated because we need meds and ins. does not care

  4. Hi Debbie:) Same here, no coverage for vitamin treatment yet, which is really unfair. If the insurance will cover pharmaceutical drugs why won't it cover vitamins that are recommended by your doc?