#65 Spread good thoughts

Thoughts are like a virus, they spread...

Through your thoughts, words and actions, you are leaving an imprint on the world around you. The people you meet today will in some way be affected by you, and then spread their thoughts, words and actions to yet more people, who do the same, who meet others, who do the same...

I chose to believe that this how we can change the world :)

How can we use this to help people who are living with pain, health problems, economic difficulties or conflict?

What can you do to spread good thoughts today?

I think I'm going to smile a lot to people I meet, write some optimistic postcards, and send them to some of my winter-struggling friends, reminding them that spring is coming, and that I think they're amazing...


  1. I learned a nice "feel good" trick the other day:

    You need at least 10 small items. Eg. small peblles, paper clips, charms. You can use whatever as long as they all fit in your pocket.

    Put all of them in your right pocket.

    And for every time during the day you experience something positive (like a friendly smile from a stranger, a bird singing on your veranda, a nice comment, a parent hugging their child or ANYTHING that makes you a bit warm an fuzzy inside)take an item from your right pocket and put it in your left pocket.

    The goal is of course to empty your right pocket.

    Humans are programed to look for and focus on the negative. This is a good exercice in focusing on the positive and therefore re-programming the brain.

    Good luck!

  2. Hi Emilie, Thank you, that sounds like a really good technique!