#67 Consult a pain specialist


As a chronic pain patient, it often takes a long time before you get to see a doctor who specializes in chronic pain, and some patients never do. Unfortunately many General Practitioners have a very limited understanding of the complex issues surrounding chronic pain, and are not able to give you the best treatment available. I advice anyone out there who has had the same kind of pain for more than 6 months to consult a pain specialist, even if it means travelling far or having to work hard to get support and finances for this.

When I first developed chronic back pain, in 1996, my doctor knew very little and I never got to see a specialist before I was completely broken down by the pain, many years later.

A clinic like Arizona Pain Specialists has specialized exclusively in pain treatment, and it's doctors are updated in the newest research in treating pain and use the best methods available in the field. The two doctors that founded the clinic have close family members who have suffered from chronic pain, and are passionate about treating pain. They also advice combining conventional and complementary treatments, attending support groups and work to empower the patient. A conversation with a doctor like that can make all the difference.

If Arizona is too far away, find out about pain clinics closer to you, consult the National Pain Foundation's guide, and check with a patient organization or support group in your area which clinics are regarded to be best. This site may also help you: ucomparehealthcare.


  1. Pain treatment is the best solution for hip pain and any other chronic disease.

  2. You are so awesome and thank you for sharing. I can totally relate. Know your contributions are being felt and appreciated!
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