#74 Share your Daydreams

Last night I was driving home from Stockholm together with my friend Siri, and through the 5 hour long car ride we were talking about all those important things we never have time for in our busy schedules.... like life, love, relationships, dreams, and what we want to do in the future.

Siri suggested we practice our daydreaming, and so we started recalling all those vivid daydreams we've had through the years one by one... from childhood dreams of finding a wild horse to ride on the way home from school, dentist chairs made of candy, to how it would happen when I find my dream house and have my dream career....We were both relating all we could remember - from silly to serious one by one, and it was so amazing hearing the dreams said out loud, because they have always been in my head... Somehow they seemed more real when I said them out loud, which was oddly liberating and also exciting. Hearing how my friend's daydreams were so similar to mine, made me forget that grown-up voice that says "stop daydreaming!" and we agreed that it felt like an important thing to do to keep our dreams and imagination vivid.

I think my most important turning point in relation to my health problems, was when I had a very vivid daydream of being WELL and looking back at my life with constant debilitating pain.

In the dream I was surrounded by friends and family, I was wearing a summery dress, there was music, laughter and good food, and I was talking to a stranger, briefly mentioning how I had had serious health problems when I was younger. And the fascinating thing was... IN that daydream as I was relating my past... the painful and hopeless existence I was talking about - my reality at the time - felt just like a daydream!!!

That pain was part of my life for 15 years... but now it's not, and somehow it felt like the strength of that dream is what pulled me forward. The feelings in the daydream were so real, that I could actually imagine being there, being HERE and having that pain-free joyful life.

I just wanted to share that with you:)

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