#60 Reach out and touch faith

March is outreach month at the 365 Pain Free Days blog. We've got more and more readers (now 500!!) and this month we'll be publishing some great guest entries from other writers who know a lot about pain, either as patients, caregivers or doctors. I'll be talking to people who have worked with and overcome debilitating pain conditions, and share links from organizations and networks that can help chronic pain patients in all phases and conditions.

It's a common sideeffect of living with pain to become isolated, which increases the negative pain spiral. Once you're cut off from social networks and don't have meaningful activities in your daily life anymore, the pain has a way of "taking over" - claiming more and more space in your life till there's little else left.

So don't let it.

Reach out to someone else, a friend, family member, fellow patient, neighbor or health care provider. Try to get out and do something with someone else every day, even if it's just a walk around the block or a trip to the mall.

PS. And feel free to share links and info to good pain resources: We are stronger together!

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