#66 Believe in miracles - introducing Nicole Hemmenway

Believing in miracles sounds just like a dream to many of us, but if you've had the privilege of talking to Nicole Hemmenway, you start thinking that anything is possible.

An amazing young woman who suffered severe chronic pain from the age of 13, Nicole managed to take a proactive attitude to her own healing. Through finding right treatment and working hard, she made her way from sitting in a wheelchair to running a marathon, and she has worked together with the National Pain Foundation spreading inspiration and hope to all who meet her. Just a few weeks ago, Nicole started the Heroes of Healing community, creating a new and empowering meeting place for chronic pain survivors from all over the world. Her book "No It's Not In My Head: The Journey of a Chronic Pain Survivor from Wheelchair to Marathon" shows us all that there is hope, no matter how painful or hopeless our condition, no matter how tired we are or what the doctors say.

If you have ever met anyone suffering Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS, also known as RSD or causalgia), you know what a terribly painful disease this is. That someone can overcome this disease as Nicole has done and live to tell how she did it, is a huge inspiration to all of us.

So it is with great enthusiasm that I can tell you that in the coming weeks, Nicole will be sharing some of her best pain management tips here at the 365 Pain Free Days blog!

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