#85 Go for a walk

Spring is coming, and most of the snow has melted here in Gothenburg. Only a month ago we had the biggest snowstorm in ages, all the streetcars were stranded, my car was stuck in a drift of 4 feet of snow and there were 6 feet long icicles hanging from the rooftops in our neighbourhood. Brrrr!!!

And now it's just gone...

Here in Northern Scandinavia the first true sign of spring is dry asphalt.

For me and so many other pain patients, it's a relief when the ice and snow on the pavements has melted, and you can actually walk on dry asphalt, without risking a slip, stumble and fall. Not only does the cold make you tense your muscles more, always increasing pain levels, but the added stress of walking on ice makes it even harder to walk, usually leading to less activity which again increases pain.
Today when I left my manuscript to go for a walk in nature, I walked on bare asphalt and could really let my muscles move freely for the first time in months. I also heard bird-song and came across the very first spring flower, a tiny but beautiful crocus:

Sigh... walking in nature may be one of the very best pain remedies I know. Fresh air, sunlight (adding Vitamin D) gentle movement, added circulation... all free and readily available. Even if you can't walk far, or you're in a wheelchair, most of these benefits are still available, so go on, take a walk in the woods!

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