#83 Change perspective


It's such an eye-opener when we manage to see things from a new perspective. Sometimes I get stuck in a rut, where every day just seems like a struggle to get through from morning till night. I burrow my head in the sand and start feeling sorry for myself for all sorts of crap.

Then something happens... like... I get a letter from a loved friend I've known all my life, saying "Wow, Anna, you're doing so well!" or I receive an sms filled with gratitude from someone I've helped. And then I change perspective, get out of myself and have a look around... oooooh, is this what my life looks like? Ok, so I haven't done the dishes and I'm behind on my deadlines.. but in the big picture... things are pretty darned sweet... I'm not in a hospital bed or a wheelchair today. I can walk! Maybe I forgot about the waves and started identifying with a temporary low tide? Maybe I was too busy writing my to-do lists and running from one time-box to another, and forgot about how these things always change?

Because I'm so grateful for all the great things in my life today. And I know that usually a crappy day is just caused by a period with more pain than usual, leaving me tired, behind on my projects and slightly depressed. I hope that the next time I get stuck in a rut, some friendly, loving person will give me a nudge in the right direction. Maybe it will be you?

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