#72 Take a weekend course

Learning new stuff is fun. Whether it's work related, sports, a hobby or pure self development, taking a course gives new insight, knowledge and inspiration. AND you get to meet new interesting people!

I try to attend a weekend course in something fun that is not directly work-related at least 3 times a year. NLP, photography, juggling, surfing, diving, kung fu saber form and Acro Yoga have been part of my "fun-curriculum" the last few years. Ok, so I can't necessarily do all of those things very well, but I tried, learnt a little, practiced and got better, and had a lot of fun in doing so...

This weekend I'm attending a weekend course at the institute for medicinal yoga in Stockholm. It's part two in a "yoga against stress & burnout" series, and it's pretty awesome.

I've found it easier to fit in a weekend course than a regular evening class, because the pain can often make it difficult to follow a regular activity every week. Even if the topic isn't specifically health-related (or maybe especially when it isn't...it's nice to get a break from that and just focus on something entirely different once in a while) I find it to be really beneficial to my overall health and pain level.

So that's today's tip: Is there some thing you've always wanted to learn but never got round to, or thought wasn't possible?

What kind of course can you take to start moving towards your dream? How about Chinese calligraphy? Or french cooking? Or book making?

When and where can you start? Why not sign up today?

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