#89 Make a flare kit

Some days are worse than others. Some days our pain flares up and we are at a screaming level 8-9-10, and it may take several days to get the pain down to bearable levels again. If you are a chronic pain patient, chances are you've already tried all the treatments that can help at this stage, the doctors say there's nothing more they can do and right now you just have to deal with it.

That's when a good flare kit comes in handy.

It can be a little box or a bag you have in a drawer, where you place those things you need to get through a flare, for example some calming music, soothing eye patch, pain medication, pain balm, a chart of acupressure points that relieve pain, chocolate, heating/cooling pads, light reading/distraction, your favorite DVD  and photo or letter of loved ones that helps you feel better.

And remember, you are not alone.

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