About this blog

I believe in taking action, sharing solutions, ideas and inspiration. Inspired by Navid Modiri and his 365 things you can do blog, I challenged myself to write and publish one piece of pain-free inspiration for every day through 2010. I want to raise awareness about all the possibilities and options we have as chronic pain patients. Experience has shown me that I can bring myself down by focusing on everything I've lost because of my health issues, or I can focus on the positive and choose to make the most of every day, no matter where I am on the pain scale.

Surprisingly, when I manage to stay in a positive mode of thinking, my pain and overall health seems to be better... I still need the occasional pity-party though... listening to sad songs and allowing myself to grieve is part of the process, but so is laughter, smiles, dance and friendship.

365 pain-free days is all about empowerment and action. Too often we as patients are placed in a passive receptive position, but taking charge of our health means standing up for ourselves and making things happen. Unfortunately you can't rely on anybody else to swoop in and save you. But there are literally hundreds, probably thousands, of small things you can do that will all have a positive effect on your health and quality of life. I believe that finding and implementing the right combination of these small things as a compliment to getting good pain treatment may provide the cure for chronic pain that each of us have been searching for!

Just don't give up, it will get better!

Disclaimer: This blog is not medical advice, always consult your doctor before making any changes in your medication or treatment.

Proclaimer: Following the advice in this blog might make you happier and give you positive energy, which could result in you smiling more than you do now.


  1. Hi Anna,

    I just stumbled on your blog by accident-my husband lived in chronic pain for 15 years- some of it was debilitating. Someone gave us information on the Egoscue Method, originally out of San Diego. We went to the clinic in Chicago and my husband is now pain free(2 years later). It is truly amazing and we thank God for it. Pete Egoscue has written several books, the most popular one being "Pain Free". This is a postural alignment therapy- simple, logical and treats the root of the pain, not just the symptom. In fact, my husband and I are so impressed with it that he has just finished training to be a certified Postural Alignment Specialist himself. I see that some of your health issues are rheumatoid arthritis, but not all of your pain may be the arthritis. Pete Egoscue has been able to help some persons who have rheumatoid arthritis and reduce their pain. I just mention this as something to check out and for others who read your blog. We know first hand how difficult life is when you have chronic pain issues. I hope you are able to get and keep pain free!

  2. Hi Anna just discovered your blog and signed up to receive updates. Your story is inspirational and obviously not over yet. I look forward to getting updates and when I have time will check out all your past posts.

    Stay healthy keep positive