#49 Grieve


The last few Thursdays' empowerment topic has been linked with the Kübler-Ross grief cycle, and different stages of grieving. Breaking denial and reaching bottom are important steps to go through. But at some point we need to let go and just grieve.

Whatever trauma you've been through, and whether it was an accident, injury or disease that brought this pain into your life, what happened has happened. Life will never be the same, and everything turned out different than you wanted. 

It sucks.  

The suckiest part may just be that there's absolutely nothing you can do to change the past, you're powerless there. 

But it's okay to be sad. It's even okay to be REALLY sad... to bawl and cry and just be a huge sniffling, scruffy mess. For however long you need to in order to move forward, let it out, you're entitled to it, and no-one can tell you otherwise.

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