#46 Foot treatment

Happy feet makes the whole body feel happier. Just try it, you'll see...

Today's pain free tip is to pamper your feet with a "happy feet" - treatment consisting of soak, scrub, foot massage and lotion.

Start by filling a tub with hot water, and add juice from one lemon, 3 tablespoons of olive oil and a little milk. Varieties with lavender, peppermint oil, honey or epsom salts can be nice, just try out and decide what you like the best! Soak feet in this as long as it feels good.

Prepare next phase by having a small cup of white granuled sugar ready, and when you remove feet from soak, scrub them with the sugar to remove dry skin.

Then massage as well as you can (this part is way better if you can exchange foot treatment with a good friend or partner), making sure to gently rub all sore parts but not hurt any aching joints or ligaments. For the finale, smear in some good creamy lotion.


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