#58 Employ yourself

Congratulations! You're hired!

I would like to propose an idea. Imagine that as of today you have a new job... it is your job to get well.
From now on you are your own physician, nurse, counsellor, physiotherapist, advisor and personal trainer.
Imagine yourself being hired - by you - to do the most important job in your life - that is taking care of your health!

Can you imagine being pain free and perfectly healthy? Then you have taken the first and most important step on your road to healing. How close are you to working full time on your own health today? How many hours a week do you spend on health-maintenance? Are you up to a regular work week yet, or more?

When I was on disability and was spending three days a week in hospitals for different treatments and tests, I used to get queasy every time anybody asked me about what I did for a living. Being young and on disability or extended sick leave is generally frowned upon, and it doesn't help if you have an invisible handicap. It usually means you have to tell a short version of your health story, which most often is a definite party stopper, and means the other person is obliged to say things like "Oh, that' s too bad!".... "I'm so sorry" or even worse: "You know, my aunt also had cancer, and she went to this doctor who said she should eat algae every day for a month, and she did, and she's all good now!" or something like that.

You know what I'm talking about: It just gets very awkward.

Well, here's the idea: As of today you can choose to see yourself as a Professional Patient, with a Licence to Heal... give yourself a nice snazzy title that fits your situation, and try introducing yourself that way next time random people at parties ask you what you do for a living. Take your healing every bit as serious as you would a well paid day job, make a plan, and stick to it.

It's a career choice you will never regret :)

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