#40 Buy a chronic pain awareness bracelet


Chronic pain awareness bracelets made by Heather Jordan, she also makes beautiful ones that you can put on even with arthritic and stiff fingers.

According to the National Center for Health Statistics more than one-quarter of Americans (26%) age 20 years and over - or, an estimated 76.5 million Americans - report that they have had a problem with pain. Studies from the Pain Management Research Institute reveal an annual cost of $1.85 billion per 1 million people.

In my home country, Norway, the cost of chronic pain is spiraling out of control as more and more people are unable to work. Now almost a quarter of the population is some kind of pension or social security, and there's only two million people left in the workforce. If we didn't have the oil, we'd be so screwed...

In an article on what they call the "Pain Epidemic" The Science Daily quotes neurologist Anne Louise Oaklander, director of the nerve injury unit at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston as saying "Pain is the No. 1 reason why patients seek medical care, but until recently it hasn't been part of the medical school curriculum. Many physicians and nurses feel uncomfortable and unqualified to treat these patients."

...well...that certainly explains alot...

So.. today's pain free tip is to support awareness about Chronic Pain, for example by getting one of these bracelets.

PS: I just got a message that my book, :KRONISK: about my life as a professional patient, set to be published in Norway this fall, has received a huge grant from a free-speech foundation!!! Yayy!!! Time to celebrate!!!


  1. Oi, så spennende! Hva heter boka?

  2. Awareness bracelet fundraisers are really a great way to not only spread awareness, but to raise money for good cause. Btw, congratulations on receiving the grant :) I wish you all the best with your books sales

  3. Smerteblogg; the book is called :KRONISK: (Chronic) and will be published by Unipub publishing house in August. It's basically my memoir, a documentary about my career as a professional patient. It's being published especially with health care professionals in mind, and raises questions about how the current health paradigm is making people sicker by focusing on treating "the wrong end of the disease". Phew... I'm really happy about the grant though, it makes a huge difference!!!

  4. I just found your blog, and am rather glad I did. I actually wanted to do a chronic Pain awareness bracelet too, I love yours though, and was wondering if you sell them? I have suffered from chronic pain for ten years, and am also now dealing with a chronic inflammatory condition like crohns (they haven't pinned it down yet, they just finished doing the scopes, now it's down to the medication testing and dietary suggestions). I love your blog, it's filled with such positive energy to tackle anyone's condition head on; everyone's pain is unique, obviously you know that. Some of your tips are things I never even thought of that seemed like common sense, but didn't seem like it would improve the daily struggle, but it does. (ie- reducing sugar). Anyway, sorry for taking up your time, and congrats on the book!!! And just...thank you. From one person who understands the difficulties out there for people in pain, to another: Thank you for making a difference :)

  5. Hi Shoshanna, thank you for brightening my day:)
    If this blog can bring some hope and joy to other chronic pain sufferers it is worth it for me 100 times over! It's a project I've dedicated myself to do through 2010, one post a day, to make a statement about chronic pain. This bracelet was made by Heather Jordan, she has several models, you can see them and buy them on: http://heatherjordanjewelry.webs.com/chronicpain.htm
    All the best for many pain-free days to come:)