#31 Celebrate!

Sunday afternoon, I'm sitting in Samuel's sofa in Gothenburg after what has been the most amazing weekend I can remember.

We were more than 30 people, plus 2 dogs, who made our way through the snow up to Studenterhytta in Nordmarka yesterday. A place with many happy memories, especially with my childhood friend Eli who lived there with her family and ran it for several years. This time it was really cold, and we had to hike up 5 kilometers up the mountainside to get there. Everybody had brought food, drink, delicious cakes and homebaked bread, there was music, a big warming fireplace and giggling kids.

We were there to celebrate my dear friend Sanna's 25 year birthday (again) with champagne, cakes and everything that goes with it, and at the same time saying goodbye with a solemn going away party to wish her a happy journey as she is leaving Norway and moving to Morocco.

There were stories, games, cake and more cake (I'm sure cake is good for my health and getting rid of pain... ehem... somehow...), midnight sauna and rolling in the snow, fireplace chats and spontaneous cooking, presents and warming words.

And I thought.... just a few years ago, I wouldn't have been able to do this. I would have been too tired, I probably would have wanted to go, and accepted the invitation, but most likely I would have had to cancel at the last minute, because my body hurt too much and I just didn't have strength to go. And yes, the thought arose several times the last few days "Am I really strong enough to go on this trip now? Do I have the energy? Will it make the pain worse?" but my enthusiasm and wish to be with my old friends won against the fear and thank God for that.

Because it is so important to celebrate. Celebrate life, celebrate friendship, celebrate progress, change and new beginnings.

We should celebrate more often:)

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