#17 Hang out with people that are good for you

Today's tip is very very simple.

I'll say it once, I'll say it again: good people are good news.

If you have friends who drain you, who always leave you feeling upset or confused, or drag you down in any way, that's totally OK. It happens. But maybe you don't need hang out with them in those periods when you yourself have enough on your plate?

When we struggle with chronic health problems, it's easy to feel a lot of empathy and also recognition with others who have serious problems of some kind. Somehow we don't feel so "weird" if we are with other "weird" or dysfunctional people. But this might just end up draining you even more, which can increase depression and also the subjective experience of pain.

My experience is that if you have problems with chronic pain, choose to spend the time you can (your "out and about time" is very limited, I know) with people who are good for you, people who make you smile, people with whom you can feel happy, energetic, optimistic, lively and healthy. Don't have too many of those right now? Well then it's time to find some new friends, or reconnect with old ones you haven't seen in a while.

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