#11 Steam it up

Having retreated to the Swedish mountains for a week with our crew of 18 young project managers in training, I am very relieved to find that there is a sauna in our cabin.

Some facts about the trip:
We are in Branäs
It was minus 25 degrees celsius this morning and my eyelashes froze shut when I went outside
We are going to be working 10-14 hours a day for 4 days

The objective of the trip is to have a creative and fun start up of 12 new projects simultaneously, while my colleague Siri and I are leading the process and coaching the students. Driving for hours, and sitting most of the day, lots of work, heavy concentration, frosty trees and beautiful crisp mountain air. This is not the kind of activity that is very flexible when it comes to back pain, so I'm doing my best to keep mine in check.

Which is where the Sauna enters the picture: Ta DAAA!!!

A little room of luxury, just 4 square meters, but crammed with 4 giggling girls and heated up to 65 degrees celsius...we filled it with steam by pouring water on the heater until it got too hot for comfort, then we ran out and roll in the snow under the starry dark skies, and rushed back into the saunascreaming and shivering.


As I return after the second roll in the snow my back ache is melting away, and the muscles relax. Aaaaah... Wish I could fit one of these in my closet back home...

Here´s Joanna and me, mellowed after the trips between sauna and snow..

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