#12 Bed of nails

What can be better, when you are in pain, than to voluntarily subject yourself to MORE pain? Yes, those ancient underfed yogis were right: a bed of nails is the best bed to lay on!

Now this thing - The Yantramat - has been overexposed in Scandinavia the last year or so, but still... despite the hype, I actually find that it works quite well.

I guess, once again, it's because the endorphins (God, I love those things!!!) that are released by laying on the more than 8000 sharp spikes on this thing. They say it's acupressure, but I don't actually believe that, because acupressure works by pushing the synapses in the muscles, and this doesn't go as deep. I actually imagine that a real bed of nails, as in one with metal spikes customed perfectly to your body, would be even better because of the magnetic fields and energy lines in the body that are activated by metal, but I haven't had the time to make one yet;)

If I'm at level 4-6 it can actually take my pain all the way down for a while. And even if I'm on level 7-9 it always helps, and takes me down a few notches in pain intensity if I can just manage to stay on it for about 20 minutes and breathe slow and deep.

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