#27 Power Nap

It's time to applaud the benefits of the Power Nap.

Apart from it's obvious benefits for overall well being, a short rest, where you gently ease into semi-consciousness and then come back gradually, lowers stress hormones, which aggravate your sensory perception of pain. For those of us with muscular pain, it's a great way to hit the "reset button". Your muscles relax and up to 60% of the pain may disappear as you come back to alertness.

Dr. Sara Mednick, a scientist who is leading the way in napping research (hihi...) says that napping in general benefits heart functioning, hormonal maintenance, and cell repair. She says that a power nap, meaning a 20 minute nap, maximizes these benefits. Check out her book "Take a nap!" if you want more tips, or check out some of the myriads of pages on "how to power nap".

It make take some training to go into controlled deep relaxation when you want to, especially if you are stressed or in pain, but it's an ability you can practice and improve.

PS: Napping makes you smarter too: Researchers at Nasa found that a 30-minute power nap increased cognitive faculties in people participating in controlled tests by almost 40 percent!

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  1. I love taking power naps, it really helps me work better... Well, it works for me anyway. But I never would've expected that it can make a person smarter.