#23 Commit to CANI

I CAN.... backwards is CANI: an acronym for Constant And Neverending Improvement (yup it's misspelled)

This term is a translation of the japanese KAIZEN, a way of thinking that allegedly leads japanese companies to great success, and can also be used in your personal daily life.
The concept is simply: in stead of focusing on the need for big resource-demanding changes, you commit to Constant And Neverending Improvement, ergo incremental small steps in a positive direction.

It's a concept that is easily adapted to health problems. It may be easy to focus on all the things we don't have, and think that everything would be, and will be, better once we just have all that money, or lose 20 pounds, find a cure for this disease, can afford that operation, etc etc... In effect setting the goals unrealisticly high, so we don't actually have to DO anything about them.

So instead we decide which parts of our lives we would like to improve and commit to make constant and never ending improvement in those areas, doing a little bit better every single day.

If you want the whole explanation of CANI I recommend Tony Robbins "Lessons in Mastery" audiobook, it seems rather overpriced on amazon, but I'm sure you can find a better deal.


  1. Little by little, in every way, I try to get better, day by day..... (learned from Nanna Worsley)

  2. Exactly!! Grandmother wisdom is better than those fancy motivational speakers any day :)