#8 Balance

Strengthening your core and stabilizer muscles will change the way your nerves function and help decrease pain.

Something happens in the body when we manage to activate the very small fibrous muscles that hold and sustain the larger muscles in the body. It creates circulation and support in a way that is very good for us dealing with chronic health problems, who are often weakened by years of pain.

That's why it's good to work on your balance. When you balance, you are training the inner supporting muscles.

One very simple way to do this is to train on standing on one leg. Do it gradually, try 20 seconds on each foot the first time, then aim for 40 seconds. You can lift your foot higher as your balance get better. Often one leg is way weaker than the other: good! Now you know what to work on. Always try to train your body to be as evenly strong as possible. If the left side is weaker (it often is) focus extra on that side and aim to become more symmetrical.

If you are wheelchair bound you can train core balance on a balance ball, and strengthen inner arm muscles by small weight training. But I sincerely hope that if you are wheelchair bound, you have a good physiotherapist who is working with you on this already.

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