#15 Build muscle

Many inflammatory diseases (like rheumatism and MS) weaken you doubly, because while the pain and inflammation are consuming your energy, the inflammatory process is actually feeding on your muscle tissue.

This is something my good old rheumatologist taught me quite early on in my career as a patient, and she told me it meant that I would have to eat a lot of protein and make sure I got plenty exercise that built muscle, because my muscle tissue would be continually depleted by the inflammation.

This has a double benefit, because every pound of muscle burns 300% more calories than a pound of flesh (some people say it's much more, but the science is really shady), so you increase your metabolism drastically by building muscle.

And if you train wisely, you can build muscle that will support your spine in a way that drastically reduces back pain, by lifting the weight of your body and relieving herniated discs.

PS: and oh, I definitely built some muscle on that ski trip... in places I didn't even know I HAD any muscles... ouch...

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