#55 Write a poem

I don't agree that it is "The new and hip way to express yourself"(lol...)  but writing poetry has always been an effective way to vent and possibly work through emotions. Who cares if it's "good", or if anyone else wants to read it? Write for your own sake, it's therapeutic and can help you heal.

For seven years while my back fracture was unstable, I lived with intense daily pain and was gradually worn down by it. After successful surgery and several years of rehabilitation I wrote a book about that period of my life. It's called Learning To Fly, and it's not published yet. In it I wrote a lot of lyrical prose about living with pain. Here's a small excerpt:

The pain is like music, it comes in waves. 
A silent symphony runs through my body at night. 
A solid note that does not bend, waver, shake or stir. 

I never knew it would be like this.

Sounds and suffering awaken slowly,
the night so coarse you can’t see for the sadness.
Rise with the new day.
Stretch like a lover’s wing under the dawn.
I’m awake, still awake, and I don’t want to feel, 
I don’t want to know this ensnaring chasm that lies ahead. 
Trembling feet reaching timidly into the depth of darkness.
I am here, I am here. 

But where are you when I call your name?


Once you've written your poem, you can decide whether to shred, save or share it. If you want to share, The American Pain Foundation has a collection of poems about pain and encourage people to submit their own.

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  1. Thanks for sharing, that is beautiful. I'm really looking forward to reading your book Anna!