#56 Get really worked up about sports

I’m one of those people who hardly ever gets worked up about anything sport-wise. My great grandaunt Inger said it so well, when she commented on a soccer match on TV: ”Why are all those men running around in the mud fighting for that ball? Can’t they just have one each?”... which are my sentiments exactly.

But last night all of that changed. Last night Sweden and Norway were competing for another olympic medal in cross country skiing, and THEN finally my Norwegian genes kicked in...

Maybe it's because while my family is gathered (rather; snowed in) on my Mom’s farm in Dalsland, we have nothing else to do than dig snow caves, mess around in waist high snow with planks on our feet, play board games and watch the Vancouver Olympics. And it's so much more fun to watch sports together with somebody who actually cares, like my stepdad, who REALLY cares, and knows all the details about all the runners, and how they've performed the last 10 years and what injuries they may or may not have...

So last night, we were watching the relay run, 2 whole hours of adrenaline and suspense before the Swedes kicked our ass and won the gold medal... which is... the first time in 22 years for them ... Congratulations Sweden! ... and pretty tragic for us.

And I realized, adrenaline is a pretty good painkiller... maybe sports isn't so bad after all?


  1. But today it was Norway's turn... Just goes to show, girls rock:)

  2. I like the distraction technique.. but sports..? That's kind of difficult to get worked up about;)

  3. Hihi, yes maybe, but aren't there ANY kind of sports you can find fascinating? How about ladder racing!? Or any one of these weird sports...