#51 List pain-increasing activities

Last Saturday's post was about listing all the things that make you feel better and help your pain. Today's pain free tip is to write down all the things that increase or provoke your pain.

These two activities together can have a bigger impact on your health than you realize.

It's amazing how much we really know about our health & well being that we don't consciously think about... and what a huge difference it would do if we did. Just by doing MORE of the things on you "feel good list" and LESS of the things on your pain-increasing list, you may be able to cut your pain by more than half. That's what I did.

But everyone is different, and only you can know what's right and wrong for you.

Writing your very own "Not to do-list" can be an eyeopener. Some of the things you can't or won't want to change, and that's ok, but just knowing that you have a choice may feel good.

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