#48 Allow some everyday craziness

You don't have to go and do anything silly like infect yourself with mad cows disease or anything, I'm just saying: Crazy people have more fun. People who have more fun are less likely to have a lot of pain.

So allowing some everyday craziness to enter your life is a healthy step on the way to a pain free life.
Imagine all the muscle tension we build by holding all those crazy ideas and wacky wishes inside!

Yes, it's totally okay to bring a whole bunch of pink ballons to the office with you, just because they make you feel good. Do so with a smile. Yes, it's totally okay to proclaim that "Tuesday is pyjama day!" and wear your favourite jammies, slippers and fluffy robe to the Tuesday lunch meeting. Once in a while.

Personally I love climbing on things that grown ups aren't supposed to climb on, balancing on fences and climbing on statues and trees. I love bringing stuffed animals to work with me and calling them colleagues, asking for their opinion.

I should probably get one of these buttons, just to warn people... I'd wear it with pride:)


  1. Keep it up - this is great!!!!

  2. Haha... I'd like to let some of my craziness out in a constructive way, not just get angry and frustrated. Don't know if pink baloons work for me though ;)