#80 Relieve nausea and upset stomach - Nicole's 3 best tips!

I wish I'd read this many years ago!!! Here are Nicole Hemmenway's three best tools to aid upset stomach, a common side effect of living with chronic pain:


During my recovery journey, I faced extreme bouts of nausea, indigestion and acid reflux. Not only did my pain cause these issues, but also many of the medications I was taking exacerbated my upset stomach. The queasiness became so intense that at times, I refused to eat or drink; I just wanted to avoid making myself feel any worse.

I tried everything in order to obtain relief – prescription medicine, over-the-counter drugs, and natural therapies. Since nausea is a major complaint for many chronic pain survivors, I wanted to share with you three healing remedies that helped me the most.

And remember: we are all survivors. We all courageously live each day in pain while continuing to search for answers. As a chronic pain survivor, we hold onto hope and never stop believing in miracles.

1.    Peppermint Tea
  • Peppermint is a relaxing herb that contains various properties that seem to assist in decreasing stomach inflammation. “Yogi’s Peppermint Tea” is my favorite. In fact, I probably drink at least a cup four days a week. It naturally soothes my unsettled stomach bringing me the relief I need so I can eat and go about my day feeling strong. I definitely would recommend 100% natural Peppermint Tea to anyone dealing with nausea. By far, drinking tea has been the most beneficial anti-nausea treatment for me.
  •  I also use Peppermint essential oil to help me breathe and alleviate nausea. I dilute five to seven drops of the oil in a cup of unscented, organic lotion, which I then rub on my collarbone and chest (for breathing) or on the bottom of my feet and different pressure points (to help with nausea)!

2.    Ginger
  • As it naturally aids in digestion by increasing the production of certain intestinal enzymes, ginger is a known alternative option to ease nausea. I personally use ginger chews, ginger tea and ginger snaps!
3.    Emetrol
  • Emetrol is an over-the-counter liquid nausea medication for children. It has no salicylates, antihistamines, alcohol or caffeine. Although I am not a fan of its taste, Emetrol does calm my upset stomach. It has helped me tremendously.

I am wishing all of you healing, love and happiness. Continue to believe in the unimaginable and know you are never alone.

Believing in Miracles,

PS: I happen to know that if you want to talk to Nicole, you can link up with her on the Heroes of Healing forum!

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