#59 Treat yourself to looking your best

Ok, so you may have been inside watching TV and guzzling pain meds for a week trying to deal with a recent flare up. You're walking around in your track suit and feel about as miserable as you can possibly do. Why should you bother fixing your hair, putting on nice clothes and maybe some make-up? You're sick. Nobody's gonna see you anyway, right?

But... wait a second...

YOU are going to see you. Are you calling yourself a nobody?

Actually, all of today, you have a healing date with yourself. You are at home, doing your most important job, which is taking care of your health.

So why not dress up and make the most of it? Put on some NICE and COMFORTABLE clothes that make you feel good... why save that good dress or pair of slacks till you're going out? Today is much more important. Ladies, pamper yourself with a good skin care session and do your hair and make up. You're worth the effort, and by the way, it's your first day in your new job, remember?

PS: One of my Swedish friends has a super sweet blog where she posts a picture of a dress every day, it's such an inspiration!!!

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