#62 Space travel - in your own bed!

Tempurpedic mattresses have been getting way too much attention, and they are too expensive.
But I must admit, since I broke my back in 1996, I have been an ardent user of all things tempurpedic.

It feels so strange when you lay down on it, how it's hard at first, then adapts to your body temperature and moulds around your body like clay. And every time I go to bed I can't help thinking it IS really cool to be sleeping on space travel material, sort of like my bed is a space shuttle preparing for take off every time I go to sleep...  The legend has it that the material was developed by NASA, so the human body could withstand the G-forces involved in space travel... and today, it's in beds all over the world.

But anyway, the material was adapted for use by Swedish scientists (go Sweden!) and the good thing about THAT is that some other Swedish designers, yes you guessed it, it's our favorite blue and yellow furniture chain, has developed a way cheaper alternative. I've tried it, it's great!

Healthy people spend a third of their life in bed, and some of us professional patients spend way more than we want to there. I know at least for back and neck pain, it makes a huge difference if your spine is well supported as you sleep. All I can say is, "Beam me up Scotty!"

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