#100 Help others

Paul Gileno is a chronic pain patient who has dedicated his life to helping others who are suffering from pain. Paul was a young and successful business owner who after having a spinal fracture due to a work accident developed RSD, which is an extremely agonizing chronic pain condition that baffles most of the medical community.

Paul started reaching out to communicate with other pain patients in Connecticut in 2006, to see if there were more like him, and if maybe more patients were interested in starting a support group together. He was surprised that it was so difficult to find support groups for pain patients, so he decided to start one himself, and the rest is history...
4 years later Paul is the founder and leader of the Connecticut Pain Foundation, which today has over 900 members and runs 5 support groups per week in different locations. From being a personal project of starting a local support group, CT Pain has grown to become network organization which provides hope, guidance and support to thousands of pain patients, with a mission to "connect, inform and empower".

A beacon of strength, Paul personally fights for all his members, providing them with support, advice and guidance. He also tirelessly takes care of organizing support groups, spreading information and training group facilitators without ever asking for anything in return.

"Helping others is a way to reduce your own pain" says Paul; "I find my pain is reduced when I am able to help someone else through something difficult, or share an experience that helps someone."

I'm letting Paul's amazing example speak for itself... if you want to know more you can link up with him and the CT Pain Foundation on Facebook or on Heroes of Healing.


  1. Thank you anna, This so wonderful. Your doing such a great job.

  2. Funny this is today's subject. I had to go to Petsmart today (w/4 dogs I'm there more than the grocery store!) An elderly lady w/ a cane in her cart was obviously overloaded. She made a sudden stop & there went the contents, nothing too heavy mind you. She had such a lost look in her eyes, well w/out a though I bent over & started picking up her items (not an easy task for me w/ one bad foot & a cane myself!) Funny though, I was the only one that stopped to help. She thanked me over & over & I told her I was more than happy to help. I am now & have always been a huge fan of random acts of kindness (just a little more difficult to do w/ RSD) Things like this just make me feel better about myself - I'm not looking for a pat on the back or anything - it just always makes me feel like "see there's something I can do that RSD did not take away from me!" :) Diane

  3. Paul is a wonderful man and a fantastic support for all of us! Thanks for EVERYTHING you do Paul!!!!! We love you!

    Lisa Coan

  4. Paul is an incredible individual and is doing an amazing job of encouraging, inspiring, and being a huge support system to and for everyone who is living with all the daily obstacles that come with the diagnosis of RSD.

    Personally, I am proud to include Paul within the same mission as myself: 'Helping those who are trying to find the gifts in all the pain!'

    Thank you Anna for honoring Paul with your write up!!

    Coach Marla