#160 Connect with your unconscious mind

Our mind is a wonderful thing. And imagine... there is so little of it we actually know, so much more to explore! Some theories say that as much as 90% of our mental processes take place beyond or behind our daily consciousness. When you come to think of it, how many things you do in a day are purely automatic? What part of you tells your muscles what to do when you grasp a toothbrush to brush your teeth? What part of you reacts when your pain escalates?

When I began my healing journey, I started exploring my unconscious mind to find answers: Why had I developed a crippling auto-immune disease? Why was my body attacking itself? What message was the disease supposed to tell me? The arthritis seemed to have developed overnight, but when I thought about it, I found that I had seen many signs years earlier. And I couldn't help thinking that somewhere hidden in my unconscious mind, part of me knew why I was sick, and also knew how I could get well...

I chose to think that if my body could develop this disease there must be some way to turn it back the same way. From inside my body, or inside my mind.

This idea led me on a healing quest, a journey that is still developing. And on my way to healing I have picked up many tools, many insights and much knowledge. If these words ring true to you, maybe you have already come a long way of your healing journey. Do you think your unconscious mind may hold answers to your healing process? What can you do to connect with this part of you?

Many people begin the journey with meditation, or start on a search for knowledge. Whatever your path is, I hope you follow it to find a healthier and happier life.

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