#154 Use the Action Circle

This is a model for implementing a successful proactive approach that I have learned from Stefan & Marcus at Universe Imagine.

Basically it boils down to four steps:

1: Focus on what you WANT
2: Start DOING stuff that brings you closer to what you want
3: LEARN from the reactions and feedback you encounter as you start doing stuff
4: CHANGE your approach according to the feedback...

... and then you're back at 1 again, but with new insight and experience... so it continues:

1: You focus on what you WANT, (for example being able to make it through a whole day without your pain getting above level 7)
2: You DO stuff that can help you attain your goal, fx moderate movement, setting boundaries, pacing yourself, TENS treatment, meditation etc etc
3: If the pain still gets out of hand you review what you've done and LEARN from your experience and...
4: CHANGE your plans the next day to see if a slightly different approach will help you get closer to your goal.

That way you are working with CANI, constant and never-ending improvement, making gradual progress to meet your goals. It means you take action, learn from what happens, adjust your approach and gradually improving your current situation.

PS: now that my year as manager and coach at the creative project management school in Arvika is over, I've planned a week of project management related healing tips:) I've found this action oriented way of thinking really helpful when it comes to healing, and I want to share it with you!

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