#166 Prepare yourself

I have many things to say about Doctor's appointments, of which I've had a few... (insert sarcastic smile here) But today I'm going to be very practical.

Getting what you want always starts with knowing what you want. That's why preparation is so important. Often I am not consciously aware of exactly what I want from a meeting or a conversation, I find myself aimlessly drifting around and letting things happen, and very often end up feeling unfulfilled and frustrated. Of course what I want in a meeting with any doctor is help to resolve my health problems, but what specifically is it I need right now? A diagnosis? A prescription? A referral for seeing a specialist or a new examination?

The I DO ART model is a technique for preparing meetings or important conversations/phone calls, and it works really well for preparing yourself for a doctor's appointment. I don't know where it comes from, but I learnt it at Galaxen Creative. This is how it works: I draw or write the letters I DO ART horizontally on a sheet of paper. Before an important meeting/conversation, I spend 5-10 minutes on filling in the template, jotting down a few words for every letter, filling in these topics:

I - Intention - What is my intention with the conversation?
DO - Desired Outcome - What do I want to happen, what is my specific goal with the conversation?
A - Agenda - What are the topics that I need to talk about, is there a set agenda or can I make one?
R - Rules and Roles - What are the rules for the meeting, are there any set roles, as in who is responsible for what?
T - Time - How many minutes are set aside for the meeting/ appointment?

Taking a little time to do this simple preparation is a good way to prepare myself mentally before any appointment or meeting, I hope it can help you too!

PS: I've seen this model called I DO ARRT too, where Rules & Roles have a separate line each. For me it works fine this way

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