#150 Build a Healing Team


I really like this picture: Imagine that you are the center of your own healing team.

You have a group of people around you who can help you and aid your healing in different ways, they are like your very own support crew!

Among the people in your team you may have family members, friends, of course your doctor and specialists, your physiotherapist, counselor, alternative practitioners, a few friends from your support group and more...

Who do you want to be in your healing team? What roles should they fill?
Who can you turn to when you need practical help? Who can help you with your physical pain? Who can help you deal with everyday life and the changes your health problems have caused? Who can you just have fun and a good chat with? Take a few minutes to sketch what your healing team looks like today, and consider which positions you haven't filled yet. What sort of people would you like to compliment your existing team with? Is there anyone in your current network who might fit your wishes, or do you know someone who might help you find the right people?


  1. It is very tough for people living alone with no supportive family. "Friends" don't want to deal with your chronic condition, and, as you get older, are more difficult to find.

  2. That's true, it's very tough :( I guess in the end no-one else can do it for you, and there are no easy solutions. It's difficult to deal with other people's pain.
    In long periods I've been very much alone in that too, but I've found strength in meeting people through forums and support groups, and by focusing on how I can help others. Building a team takes time and effort too, and that energy doesn't always exist:/